SHORT FILM Selections


- Ghost Slapper

Finalist Upstate NY

- Curse of the Vampire

Winner Upstate NY

- Na Daoine Miathe

​Winner Student

- Attack of the Mothman


- Vexed


​Winner International

- Supernatural 8


- E.T. : Contact  They are Here 

Dan Klaesis a well known personality in the Paranormal fields.  The owner of the Hinsdale House and the Hinsdale House Restoration Project.


Prairie Dog 

Gary Truce  a professor of parapsychology,  reveals the astonishing true case of a young girl who appears to communicate via computer with a spirit from the other side. . . discover what lies beyond our world with Gary Truce’s haunting new book, Shelly and Rhoda.


SEPTEMBER 23rd 2017 •• SNYPE Film Festival 2017
This is the 2nd year for the Expo and the 1st year we are incorporating a Paranormal film festival as part of the event. Owego, NY "The Coolest Small town in America" will be the location for the Expo and the Film screenings.

The Tioga Theater in downtown Owego will be hosting all the screenings for the festival. We are very excited to have the ability to screen these films on "the Big Screen". The Expo itself will be a block away and open to the film festival attendees and participants.

The Film Festival is open to all ... International, National & Regional (Upstate NY). We are looking forward to the event and hope to see a wide variety of films that are based on the Paranormal, Supernatural, Ghost, Aliens, Bigfoot and more ....

Sean AustinAlthough he has always wholeheartedly believed in the paranormal, becoming an investigator was by mistake. After three years of unexplained, almost science-fiction level experiences that still baffle me today.

Michael Rickseckeris the author of the historic paranormal books & has appeared on multiple television shows and programs as a paranormal historian, including Animal Planet’s The Haunted

Father Billy Clarkspecializes in spiritual warfare and helping free people from anything unHoly in their lives.  This includes identifying the need for offering prayers for deliverance, breaking of generational/ancestral bondage and de-hauntings.

S.N.Y.P.E. Film Festival


​Finalist Upstate NY

- The First Date

​Winner Upstate NY

- Portrait of a Monstrous Soul

​Winner International

- Prairie Dog


- The Restaurant